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What did I learn about myself?
I learn that I love waking up in the mornings, read the newspaper, drink tea. I love outside courtyards in the shade with garden and water and people watching.

Solo traveling is lovely. Ideally for me while traveling, I have a companion once a day.

I don't like loud noise, and I don't mind people as long as they're not noisy.

I'm sad that the weather in Austin is so hot most days that I'm not outside, and I need to take advantage of the cold weather from Oct to Feb.

Life goals check?
I think outwardly my life looks successful. But I do have a big weakness in that I need to eat healthier. It got a little bit better this year, I'm starting to eat veggies thanks to a day job that exposes me to salads in the cafeteria, and flower child at the domain. But still need more veggies. I could of couse be thinner, the measure of the ultimate success for women. Blargh.

Job wise, I wish I could work remotely more. But that's something that will eventually open up as I grow in my skills or if I'm willing to take a pay cut.

Art wise, I dance 2-3 times a week. I spend some time in the underground trains reading the book Andy and I are working on, and it's in progress. Creating art is so hard.

I continue to struggle with anxiety, and each time I defeat it, I'm being brave.
Andy and my kiddo brings me joy.

Day six london

Peter and I went to Umu, a two star Michelin restaurant and it was delicious. I also saw the Rosetta Stone at the British museum. But that was really it at the British museum except for the gift store. I really love museum gift stores. Peter asked me if I’ve ever been to the museum of transportation and I said yes! We walked towards it and I realized, oh, I’ve been to the gift shop. That place has a great museum store gift shop with Underground branded items. I also love the Victoria and Albert museum gift store, and their courtyard.

Day 5 London

Did the Crystal Maze Experience at West End today. It’s apparently based on a nineties British game show. Like a high production value escape room, but with an energetic actor who was the maze runner. Peter and I got joined with a different group and it was a lot of fun. You do each challenge alone while the team yells and cheers you on. I managed to solve one as the time was running out and the whole team cheered and it was the best feeling ever. No wonder people do team sports. (Photos from google since cell phones not allowed)

Had lunch at an Italian place, also went to the spa again. Dinner was at an oyster place.

Day four london

22 years ago, I was addicted to an online text based game, a MUD.

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Day 3 london

Continuing on vacationing by myself #introvertlondon, I had a glimpse into life as a crazy rich person by having a spa day at the Corinthia hotel at Whitehall place.

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Day two london

Lovely breakfast at Apero’s, I tried black pudding. It had good texture and not distasteful. The English breakfast tea was delicious and I read the Time’s, which I really like the size of. Small and compact. I wish the NYTimes was small like that.

Moved to the Airbnb, which has a tiny rooftop terrace.

Went to my bibliotherapy tea, which was basically paying someone for a date so they talk books at you. She gave me a “book prescription” and the high tea at Ham Yard hotel, Soho was delicious!

Shopped at Oxford street which was crowded and stressful.

Then I did a ballroom private with someone who didn’t know much of American smooth style and it was interesting, and he taught me some useful stuff about rhumba and waltz.

Lots of walking. I’m wiped.

Day 1 london

The first few hours of London was epic.

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I am grateful for:
1. the sound of laughter and giggles
2. the patience of my husband.
3. ballroom dancing.
What would make today great?
1. being able to eat healthier
2. good conversations.
3. being more present.

Daily affirmations. I am filled with the ability to make my dreams a reality. . . .                                 
-- From yesterday
3 amazing things that happened today... (This is similar to Peter Diamandis’s “three wins” practice.)
1. Saying no to repeated upsells by Fred Astaire to an overpriced 50 mins coaching.
2. staying for the 8 pm elements class even though I was tired.
3. making my co-workers laugh.

How could I have made today better?
1. eating a healthier dinner.
2. taking the time to write.
3. more patience 



I'm grateful for:
1. The smell of kiddo's hair
2. my new soft bed
3. andy making me juice in the mornings

how today great?
1. accomplishing something at work
2. eating vegetables for lunch
3. quality time with kid.

I am smart, creative, and intelligent.

3 wins:
1. a writing meeting with elizabeth
2. going to brentwood social house
3. reading some architecture and python stuff on a sunday.

how could i have made it better.
1. more physical activity
2. meditation


Daily writings

I am grateful for:

1. My family
2. Cuddles
3. Really good books

What would make today great?

1. Getting some outline done on new book
2. Quality time with kiddo
3. Being able to rest and recuperate for the following work week.

Daily affirmations. I am . . .                                   

1. Strong
2. creative and a creator
3. full of great ideas

-- From yesterday

3 amazing things that happened today... (This is similar to Peter Diamandis’s “three wins” practice.)

1. I went down the slip and slide that so far only kids went down. I went down it twice.
2. I dragged the family out swimming at the YMCA even though it was logistically hard.
3. I exercised at night.

How could I have made today better?

1. More exercise
2. Writing.
3. Being more mindful with my family.



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