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Name a cat!

We spent the day in the car.. driving all the way up near Dallas to pick up the kitten. When we arrived, I held Misha, who was all purry and friendly, but when I held him up to my ear, I noticed that he had a problem breathing. I asked the guy about it, and he was like: oh yes, he has a cold, a respitory infection. He didn't tell me because he was hoping that it would go away by the time I show up. He would've paid for the antibiotic fees and there's a health guarantee.. but, I felt uncomfortable about it. respiratory issues are serious with cats. I've heard other cat owners dealing with it and my old roommate's cat, Bailey, rarely purrs because he had an infection when he was young, and it prob hurt him to purr. So yeah, I feel somewhat guilty about not taking that cat, but otoh, I'm already anxious enough about getting another cat after Caroso... that I really don't want to deal with adopting a cat and immediately be on sick watch for it.

Anyways, we had driven all the way up there, and to go back without a cat, after waiting for over 2 months just seem crazy. So he had a lot of other kittens, and we ended up picking one that does not look like Caroso at all. (There were other bluepoint kitties but they were too young to adopt).

So we picked a new cat. Here are his pictures. He is 9 weeks old, born on May 1st. He is rumbunctious, and.. jumpy, and running around like crazy and climbing on things. And he fits in my hands. He is tiny. I worry about him. Hopefully he'll get big and mellow out in a few weeks. Right now, he definitely is acting like a kitten. Seems street smart though. He has a ringworm infection *frown* this breeder should have healthier cats.... and I will have to get him checked out at a vet. But he does seem really vibrant and healthy otherwise.

We need a new name. It's probably too soon to name another kitten Misha. Suggestions? I want a name that rolls of the tongue smoothly.

I don't want to sit still!!

  So many things to catch!

Your foot is as big as me.

This guy provides me entertainment.
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