ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

he weighs 1.4ish lbs

and he is adorably cute. i have to say, i haven't thrown my affection at him as strongly as I did with Caroso.. but he is definitely stealing my heart. he has random bursts of energy and fearlessly jumps off high places.. even if that means landing on his feet, and then rolling over on impact.  He's very spunky!! When he's sleepy, he'll roll around on his back and stretch, and become a purr ball.

He doesn't really meow yet. It's more like a squeaky mew.

 The vet pronounced his heart and lungs healthy. The fecal test came out clean. At 12 weeks we can finish the other tests and then give him the rabies vaccine and other assorted vaccines.

The vet gave me a shampoo and I had to bath him today. He was like a wriggley rat. Then he was shaking so much I hair-dryer-ed him. When he gets older, it'll prob be harder to wash him.

On non-cat news: I've been shopping for gyms. And finally narrowed it down to The Hills Fitness center because of it's greenery and pools, cleanliness, and gender separated sauna/steam/whirlpools, and towel service! But I was at Whole Foods after having dinner, and this random person is trying to get me to try Lifetime Gym.

It reminded me of a Psychology Today article I read.. on cities with strong creativity like NYC. They're usually places where you can go to the grocery store and talk to 10 people on  your way there. As opposed to places where you go somewhere and only talk to the cashier. I sure talked to a lot of random people today.

I'm smaller then I look.

ccc <--- the cat jumped up on my lap and typed that.
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