ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Pouring in the rain

We went out to lunch, and I told my co-workers I'd walk back. On the way back, I saw ominous rainclouds coming in and felt 2 tiny drops, but I figure it would be fine. I took a quick stop by the dollar store.. and when I got out, it was pouring cats and dogs.

I had my $1 umbrella, and started to brave the walk back to work, which wasn't far at all. But the rain fell hard and the back of my pants got wet. And I stood on the sidewalk, trying to cross the road, hoping that the cars would all stop so I could cross.. 

And then, a car swung to a stop in front of me. 
The windows roll down, and and a woman said, "What building are you going to?" 
I hopped in and said: "Building 5".

She said her brakes were in a "dangerous" state, but she still took the time to pick me up and dropped me off at work. I told her I hope she gets lotsa good karma for this.

I'm soaking wet. But I'm feeling happy, because a random stranger took the time to rescue me from the rain.

Maybe there's hope for this world after all.

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