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Keep Austin Wierd 5k & Marathon

Yesterday I did the walk, though most of it was filled with thoughts of how crazy I was. It was around 103 degrees. After 5 pm. The sun was hot. And a bunch of us were in renaissance costumes. So.. like Pennsic, but hotter. And no dust or smoke (just car pollution).


"We got to go faster. We're being overtaken by the renaissance people."

And my fav from a spectator:

"Girl in the medieval dress! We love you!"

My cell phone drowned in orangina during the race. I guess I'm going to get a new one faster then I thought.

So without my cell phone to wake me up, I told myself: Body, wake up at 6:30 am.
And I actually woke up several times, and managed to make it to a marathon training group at 7 am. I was going to try out the galloway method for running (, which is a walk run method. They started with a 12 minute/mile pace at a 3:1 ratio (3 minute running, 1 minute walking). But it was too much for me, and I lagged behind, and someone helped me do a 2:1 ratio. The funny thing was, I actually caught up with the 3:1 ratio folks. It felt really good, so I am going to go ahead and officially sign up for the marathon training program. Eek. It's a lot of work, but it should be fun and healthy. I'm somewhat excited about it. Only one tenth, of 1 percent of people in the world actually finish marathons. Hopefully I'll finish my first one next year.
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