ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I went 2 whole days without updating my LJ!


On Friday night, I saw the first showing of the Harry Potter Choose-your-own-adventure improv at bookpeople. It was a very great format for the kids, who excitedly yell out their choices.

Saturday I was mooning around, waiting for Harry Potter. I believe that's the correct colloquism. Mooning around. Anyways, Amazon was sending it to my old address cos their software isn't smart enough to realize that I've moved and deleted the old address. So I went there 3 times. No HP :( I finally gave up and went to BookStop and got one of the 3 "damaged" copies left. (It had a small tear in the cover). As I was purchasing it, the books sold out.

I'm half done with the book.

Today I have improv rehearsal with Bob McNichol, that will most likely be awesome. (We had Dave Buckman last week, and it gave the spark back to my improv.) And I am guest teaching the Bryn Gwlad renaissance dance guild this evening.

Yesterday I also got into a flame war which started in the austin community LJ, which made me realize: online flamewars are idiotic and truly a waste of time. Mainly because you're not seeing the person face to face, so it's not like you're making "real" choices in how you behave. Which seems to give more license to be rude, similar to road rage.
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