ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

My Harry Potter Thoughts

JK Rowlings is a brilliant storyteller.

As I read the book, I feel more and more, that JK Rowlings is a brilliant storyteller. I liked the book. I really did. There were definitely cliche or boring moments, but especially towards the end, I just couldn't put it down. It wasn't great literature, but heck. A lot of "great literatures" are boring as heck. Maybe literatures that are great, are the ones that get people passionate and reading. Lots of people, not just the intellectual elitist.

- The climax was great. It was great.
- I did believe for a moment that he would die. Despite me reading from the idiotic nytimes that it was an "old-fashioned" ending, and googling harry potter, and seeing a title that said "Harry Potter" lives forever.
- Yes, I teared up.
- At several moments in the book I cried: "Sweet!" and "Yes!"

Ok, that's it. I'm too much in a high right now to talk about the negative aspects.
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