ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Improv level 3 graduation show

I decided to post about this more.

Come to my graduation show on Monday, 8 pm, March 6, $5 (free for improvisers), at the hideout theatre.

Improv is taking over my life. Currently it's averaging about 5 days a week with: hideout classes, tues jam, wed classes, troupe rehearsal and watching shows. I was wondering if I may actually be overdosing on it. In general, I think it keeps me happy, but I'm having less patience with bad improv... unless I get to help teach/direct it, or if I'm in it (being in a bad scene is frustrating, but a challenge).

It's only been October when I took my level 1 class, after about a 2 year hiatus from Shana's 101 class. I definitely feel like I've improved since then (good thing, since I've spent hundreds of dollars at the hideout.) I'm more comfortable on stage, at least with other improvisers watching, not sure how this translates to actually having a paying audience. My mind makes connections faster, and best of all, I've a new community of friends who are supportive and can make me laugh.

Come watch our show, at the very least you get to watch me look confused on stage. It should be fun and entertaining. If you've never seen improv before... please don't judge the entire field from our show :-P Afterwards, you should come back to the hideout to watch more experienced improvisers.
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