ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

whilst in San Francisco

I've a rare internet moment in SF, so here's to bloging:
- There are a lot of asians in CA, rather disconcerting to not be a minority. And there are plenty of old grumpy asian women, some of which might be looking disapprovingly at me (or at the world at large).
- People sure dress more fashionable
- Nun and curry is my fav indian restaurant in the world. I've already eaten there twice this trip. And more to come.
- Got to meet an old college friend of mine: Pooja. She seems to have done well for herself. When she saw me she said: "you look the same!" and I said: "you too!" Now I'm in her awesome apartment at Pacific Heights, on the topmost floor, using her internet.
- We saw "Naked Stage" improv at BATS yesterday. I was disappointed. Tim Orr and Regina were awesome, as expected. But since the improv format was the modern American theatre.. which is an odd theatre form anyways, it was mostly boring.
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