ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

David Razowsky's improv class

... was really awesome and inspiring. I didn't expect to get that much out of the class, and was actually dragging my feet to go to it.

Here are my notes:
- Exercise: double row of people, one row closes eyes while other row makes a face. Open and react with one line to the facial expression.
- He focused more on endowing partners then yourself. Endowing them with emotions: "You are angry."
- If one person is angry in the scene, create tension by choosing an emotion that is not angry.
- Don't deal with exposition first. Deal with the emotion.
- When your character is upset at someone, instead of hitting them or throwing a drink at them... express it with words.
- The moment you need to repeat an exposition is when you need to get to the truth.
- The moment you repeat an emotion, is when you need more exposition.
- Everything matters.
- Deep tissue listening: Let go of the thought of "This is what the scene is about."
- Release, relinquish, surrender to the scene.
- Improv is a feminine artform: it's about listening, emotions, connecting and touching.
- You should never need to invent.
- You go to invention town when you have nothing, or feel alone.
- Your ideas should be harvested from your partner's position, emotion and tableau.
- When you're nervous, you're judging what you're doing, instead of "being". Things to save you when you get self-aware on stage:
1. Punch your partner (to connect)
2. Grab a space object and interact with it.
3. Give your partner a look.
4. Overreact. But don't go to crazy town: "Captain Peco, we're now in the rings of Saturn."
Tags: improv
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