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improv and REI garage sale

Out of bounds is exhausting. But I've gotten to see some really awesome improv like "the inflatable bettys" from LA. They were a lot of fun. Very talented women.

"Backpack Picnic/Edmond Bulldogs" is another group I recommend, though they do sketch.

Todays master class was slowwww. And I didn't leave last night's party till after 4 am, so I kept yawning.

I happened to stop by REI this evening to pick up a watertight case for protecting my cell phone on future kayak trips. it turned out to be REI garage sale day though, where people line up at 5 am to be able to go inside and shop. Since I got there in the evening, I got to pick through the leftover stuff, and they were additionally 50% off. awesome.

I got lucky and found $140 hiking boots for $25.
Nice windbreaker for under $10.
Water shoes for $11
Climbing shoes!! for $15

The windbreaker was new but supposedly damaged (with spots on back that I couldn't see). I've decided this is the way to go to REI garage sales.. go later in the day when it's 50% off! Though I guess camping at 5 am in front of the store could be fun too.

Andy also got some $15 hiking shoes. 


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Sep. 3rd, 2007 01:39 am (UTC)
Edmond Bulldogs
I saw them some years back at Out of Bounds. I loves them. :-)
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