ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

i got an iphone!

and i don't regret it so far. even though the first iphone i got had its wireless broken (same problem with my wii!) and i had to replace it.
but the new iphone is great so far!

it's so much better then my last shitty (literally) phone.

i love:
- that i can check my mail anywhere (yeah, edge is slow, but actually, not that slow.)
- the sliding interface, with alarms, times, photos
- the voicemail as email format (you can see them listed, not have to go sequentially) i'm not sure why it took forever to do this, since i did telephony research as an undergrad which was what this is)
- it's pwetty
- the maps
- web browsing is actual web browsing and not mobile device version like blackberry


and i got it for $299 because i went for the 4 gb model that's on clearance right now.
Tags: geek
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