ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Eat, Love, Pray

I'm in the middle of a new book: Eat, Love, Pray. And I love it so far. It's a spiritual and travel book at once. One of the things it talked about is "quiet enjoyment". The ability to just enjoy things, without having to "do" something. It's a woman's journey through Italy, India and Indonesia. Very readable and thought provoking.

I was sitting in a camp chair, on an island, surrounded by 2 rivers as I read the book. Morning mist in the air. It was delightful.

The trip was gorgeous, it was one of those hidden texas jewels that you have to hunt for. We splashed around in bear creek which was crystal clear.

The Guadulupe river itself, though it has nice rapids is a bit too murky and dirty for me. And one of the smelliest river I've kayaked. I had to wash the cooler I bought because it smelled awful.
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