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Chicago Travalogue Day 1

Day 1 – April 26th, 2006

The beginning of my trip to Chicago was not very good. I had spent several days coughing and hacking, and feeling miserable. And was still in that state when I was leaving. Boo. Then on my way to get Valerie to the airport, my housemate called me and said that Caroso was having trouble controller with his left hind leg. He was eating lying down, and then he lost control of his left front leg. But my housemate was extremely awesome and offered to take him to the vet.... then he started walking gingerly again. My housemate said she'll watch him while I'm gone, and if it repeats again she'll take him to the vet.

So I worried about my cat during the flight. And for the first time ever, I got airsick during take-offs and landings. And I had to stop myself from throwing up during take off. The trip was as usual boring. But unusually miserable.

Jeremy Lamb and Madeline picked us up at the airport in his minivan. I checked on my cat, and found out that he seemed to be walking normally. Then with four improvisers in one van, the conversation got rather entertaining and I started to cheer up.

Jeremy's crib is rather sweet. It's part of a townhouse, in a neighbourhood you see in chic urban movies like Sex in the City.

Then Val, Jeremy, Allison (chic neighbour from the chic neighbourhood) and I went to a Moroccon restaurant called Andulous. Very slow. But very delicious. Then off to see improv!

8 pm Wed Show at Improv Olympic. Free!

The 1st show was so-so. To be fair we were late. But it was still pretty blah.
The 2nd show was also blah. Obscene for the wrong reasons. The poo-hole joke was funny a few times. Not all the time. Also, genetelia for puppets.
Allison remarked afterwards that the women in these bad troupes were so sexual. And I noticed that too, their offers were mostly sexual offers. It was a disappointment. I know I give sexual offers when I'm trying to be funny and cannot think of a good funny.
The 3rd show "Carl and the Passions" were actually good. Phew. The improvisers were older. The one woman there didn't make hardly any sexual offers.
Their trainsitions were so smooth I want to be able to do it. They would change scenes with improvisers talking in a different part of the stage, while the previous imps would still stay on stage.
They were also very good with group scenes, very organic.

I'm not sure about the music accompaniment throughout the show. I had mixed feelings with it at DC watching Washington Improv. Sometimes it didn't sync up with existing music made by the imps. Jeremy Lamb, "I was annoyed by it."
I think it needed to stop playing for long stretches of time.

We took a break at Pick-Me-Up, apparently a place for chic gay people to go on first dates. We also found our very own Coldtowne Heroes postcards.
Madeleine and her friend, Jenna, joined us and we went off for our next IO show:

TJ and Dave, 11 pm, IO

TJ wasn't playing that night, but the show was still superb. Which makes me really curious to see what it usually was. The show was sold-out. We got there around 10:30 pm and still had a hard time with seats.

The two man show was so awesome. It was the kind of show that makes me go: Yes! That! That's what I want to be do!

The show started with total silence for maybe a minute. No suggestion was taken: "Trust me. We are making this up."

They were comfortable in staying in one scene for a very very long time, around 15 minutes. This was not just long form. It was really really really long form. Dave would do multiple characters, but he had his own main one.

The conversation was very organic. Like a Robert Altman movie. They would interrupt each other. Or repeat each other's words. "Really?" And break all these conversation rules I got in improv classes. And yet their conversation was *interesting*.

They were comfortable with long stretches of silence. And at one point, we got to see Tracy's face go from white to red. Just emotions. No words. After a strong interaction, it was just silence after all.

"I remember the time when kids weren't our future!" Tracy. "When they just shut the fucked up."

We went back to Jeremy's crib. Where I nursed my splitting headache. We watched Animal Planet ("the top 10 most extreme animal!", capuccin monkeys helping disabled people).

Then off to bed.
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