ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Christening Sally

So I took my new Kayak, Sally to the RIo Vista Kayak park... and in two years of kayaking, I have never ever flipped.
Within 20 mins I had flipped 4 times.

The kayak was so responsive to all of my movements, I had to be in perfect balance and do things perfectly. I was feeling bad for my friend, Mojo, who had to rescue me repeatedly.

Mojo is a dude I discovered on LJ, and he is as good in his kayaking abilities as his posts make it seem. And I was really glad to have someone watching out for me as I flipped. He did point out that I did a good job self-rescuing, and that I wasn't afraid of the water.

I'm not afraid of the water. I have a healthy respect for it, but I love it. Even though I've scraps in my fingers and foot now from the rocks. I had a great time. Kayaking keeps me in the moment. No thinking ahead.. just how do I react to this water now??

Afterwards we ate at a coffeeshop called Tantra in downtown San Marcos. The food was so good, despite being vegetarian, I loved it. Best brownies in TX!

Now off to do an improv show.
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