ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

weekend update: kayak, movies, food

It was a full weekend.

Saturday Andy and I went to Bekir's yoga, which was very mellow. We worked on breathing. Then lunch at thai noodle house, and we stopped by for vegan cupcakes to take to Barton Springs.

Barton Springs was COLD!!! 68 degrees.

Afterwards we went and saw Elizabeth, which made me realize how lucky the English were to not be invaded by that Spanish Armada.

Peter and I then had a playdate, we walked over to Thai Kitchen for more thai food, then grabbed a movie from I luv video. We stopped by CVS on the way back to stock up on candy. The Bridge to Terabitha: not quite the narnia fantasy land we were expected. Eh movie.

Today, I went to Weberville to go kayaking for about 5 miles. The water was mostly flat, and for the first part we were kayaking against the wind, which I really disliked. My new kayak did well, but against the wind it was harder to navigate. And whitewater kayaks aren't really suitable for flatwater. So... note to self: don't go kayaking lotsa miles on flat water.
We found  a wild vine that had tiny watermelons, I tasted one of the yellow melons.. I think it was a watermelon.
We also got to see a bald eagle soaring above. Beautiful.

I didn't get home in time for the Shakespeare rehearsal, instead Andy and I went around town and settled on dinner at Stortini, a new Italian place on Manor. It was reasonably okay, we will prob be back there. And then we got around to watch The Family Stone, a sarah jessica parker movie, which was... interesting. Not bad. Not great though.

Bed time!
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