ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

daylight saving habits

I found myself awake at 7 am, and decided to go for a walk. For the first time, I listed to a podcast while walking, and it was very entertaining. I listened to RadioLab, which is awesome, and I found myself laughing out loud even though it was on Mortality.

I passed by a homeless guy sleeping under a tree, and a couple jogging. I heard a noise, turned around, and saw the woman part of the couple picking herself up from the ground.

When I got home, I fixed myself a salad. This is truly momentous, as I don't really like salad. But to make it appetizing to me, I added portabella mushrooms, asian pears and blue cheese to the herb salad mixture and raspberry vinegerette. I finished it, but I still think the salad is better without the actual leaves or vinegerette. Mushrooms, asian pears and blue cheese would be perfect on it's own. And, I still get fiber.
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