ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ballet and halo

spent the evening doing ballet, having dinner at the korean house and then playing halo with friends. it's all good.

last night's ballet class, a professional photographer walked in and started taking pictures. i was wearing a leotard and tights. ballet austin is making a new brochure and going around taking pictures.

tonight, i braved arletta's intermediate ballet class.. and made the mistake of standing at the end of the barre. which meant that when we turned around to do the other side, i had no one to follow!

but i did okay, i hung in there. and sure enough, arletta was her usual happy, bright, think-happy-thoughts self. as a result, it made the class feel more safe, despite the level.

igor kicked my butt in halo tonight. must.. return.. favor...
Tags: ballet, gaming
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