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yesterday, while at the hideout, someone asked me.. "what do you do now that you don't do improv?"

i do life! there's so much to do, not just one craft. i've gone camping, hiking, playing halo, ballet, lindy, ultimate frisbee, painting, buying Christmas presents, reading, writing, kitty loving, hanging out with friends.

and i still do improv, just not all the time. i know for some folks improv is their one big passion, and in some ways i'm envious of people who have that one-big-passion. but i've always been a jane of all trades, and mistress of few.

in the meantime, i made tiramisu yesterday.. it didn't come out as pretty as i want it to, but it is pretty yummy!



Dec. 15th, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
I can't tell you how often I get the *exact same* question, as well as variants like "come back to improv."

I still do and love improv. I have not left improv or given up on improv.

But now I also do a lot of other life things. I work out and work and travel and read and write--and I love my writing time. I'm thinking of taking some more cooking and musical lessons. I hang out with people without "shop talk" and just live and be.

Improv became that girlfriend who wouldn't let me go out and do other things.