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"That was a surreal party experience."

Yesterday I had my wine, chocolate, cheese, xbox360, wii party. It was the 5th party in the series.. I remember when it was a small formal affair in the Gables apartment. Last night's was more casual and had more people.

Uchi was definitely the star of the party. He handled the crowd really well, passing between one pair of arms to the next, jumping around to show off his athleticism, and occasionally taking beauty breaks on shelves and cushion. I love my little white cat.

There were mainly two crowds: the improv crowd, and the CS geek crowd. Which I guess shows well the group of people I hang out with. 2 of my coworkers, pboyd04  and K showed up. pboyd04  had his spiffy camera and was taking lots of pics.. I can't wait to see it.

The wii was started with wii sports, which kept a group of dorks people entertained. And then, we put on WarioWare Smooth Moves... and that room really got crowded. It was such a perfect party game.. and lots of people were cheering and awwing for the person playing. It was great. Afterwards, two people told me that the party was "surreal" because of that crazy game.

I nearly got a heart attack twice, when Walter did his famous flaming cheese. When he lit up the cheese, which was doused in whiskey, the flames really got high in the air. The second time he did it, the smoke alarm went off.

I had a really really good time. There was plenty of wine.. Andy made a delicious roast chicken following an indonesian recipe which took forever to make. I loved it. NIck made a bread pudding which I ate 3 servings of! It was that good!! Walter made his flaming cheese, and brought his own wine: Captain Chang's. I made Tiramisu. Most people brought either wine, choc or cheese. Three of my friends brought Wii related stuff.

I am happy that so many of my friends showed up.
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