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Kingdom dance and a wedding

A grumpy Andy.

Capricia, Andy and me for Petit Riens.

On Saturday, Bryn-Gwlad hosted the Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium. I taught 3 classes, and ran the ball. The attendence was about 70 people... not very well supported locally, but we had folks from out of town. I not-so-subtly implied that Andy should show up... and he actually did. He met my dance friends, and then I made him wear a tunic for the ball. He got grumpy over this because he wasn't as nicely dressed as the folks wearing renaissance clothing. And he actually made snide remarks about seeing a zipper on a costume. His first event!! Already acting like a laurel.

He danced well. He didn't take a single class but I got him to fake all the easy stuff, like Pease Bransle, Petit Riens and Rufty Tufty. And he actually has a good sense of rhythym. I was impressed. He could be a really good dancer if he actually wanted to be. Andy left early while I finished running the ball, went out for gelatos, and was too pooped to go to another party that Andy's roommate was running.

On Sunday, Andy took me to a wedding of his Shakespeare at Winedale friends. It was a Jewish wedding. It's kinda interesting being a date to a wedding. Hi! I'm just arm candy! But his friends were nice and took effort to draw me in. Yay!

Next weekend, I'm off for my 5th year college reunion.
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