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2 years

Andy and I celebrated 2 years of dating yesterday. It was a really awesome anniversary.. he did good!

We drove first to a winery outside of Brownswood, TX. After some wine-tastings, we went to the Star of Texas Bed and Breakfast. It was the first bed and breakfast that I've been to, and it was great. The rooms were very modern and tastefully decorated (pics to follow). And.. we had our own exclusive hot tub. There were candles provided, as well as some chocolate and a tiny wine bottle to welcome us.

After checking in, Andy took me to Turtle. It was a fancy restaurant that seemed out of place in Brownswood. In fact, the chef has a dish called Chicken and Dumplings soup and it used to be named Chicken and Gnocci but no one would order it. I ordered it before finding all this out, and it is hands down, the best chicken soup I've ever had. That's cause he uses chicken confit and it takes all day to make. Delish! The other dishes were average, but they were attached to a gelato store, and I had a yummy gelato for dessert.

We got back to the B&B, and had a chill evening. It was really cold, and I wasn't sure about the hot tub, but Andy convinced me to do it, and it was perfect. We got to see the landscape before us, and the stars were so bright, I could pick out the Orion constellation.

We woke up in the morning to knocking on the door for breakfast. Breakfast was the only thing I didn't like about the B&B, it was too modern and austere... I wanted a nice warm country breakfast. Afterwards, they had a trail, so we followed it and met Biscuit, a Llama. The llama breathed on Andy and me, and we breathed back. Apparantly that's how you say hello in llama-speak. The llama followed us on our hike. It was actually quite weird.. he would follow behind me and then nuzzle my hair, and then make chewing noises. When we turned around and tried to pet him, he would shy away. He was beautiful.

The B&B also had a tipi available for rent. It was.. strange. We went into the hot tub again after the hike.. then off to town.
I had booked us a couples massage, and it was near Turtle, so we had gelatos and a delicious lunch.
The massage itself was amazing.

I had a great time. Andy did good!
Tags: andy, anniversary, love
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