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ballet and dining table

Went to my first ballet class of the year.. it was the elementary class, and it was crowded! and there were these noobs (heh. Halo cross-over speak) that kept sneaking an eye at me during the combination, which was funny because usually I do that. And this time when I mess up, they mess up since they are following me... Of course, in the intermediate class, I'm usually the one watching other people. So it was a nice status change (improv cross-over speak),

So I've been wanting a new dining table for a while. Because mine is bar height, and it was hard to add additional chairs, and I wanted a round table, but still looking good. I've been checking craigslist for months.. and had sent some tentative emails.. but today I saw an ad. and emailed the poster twice about it.. and I went to look at it.. they lived in a really trendy house beyond East Austin.. they even have a noguchi coffee table that I was thinking about getting in the past. After checking out the table (and they let me tour their house a bit) I got it.

Now I just have to sell my old dining table.. and get chairs for this table.

Here's a pic. 42" diameter.
Tags: ballet, dining, house
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