ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

I'm in a serotonin high

I finally became a member of the Austin Swing Syndicate tonight, as a step in my conquest of the Austin Lindy scene. It didn't start off too hot. I was standing by the sidelines, waiting to be asked to dance, and not getting to dance, and pictures kept being taken in my direction. Reminded me of Pennsic dance when I first started.. there's a pic of me floating around the internet, sitting, obese, not dancing, watching the dancers on the dance floor.

But, things turned around, and I had some of my best lindy moments so far. I was listening to the music, and saw a guy just standing by himself, and I thought: he's probably not a very good lindy hopper, but I'll ask him to dance because this music is really awesome. He agreed, and led me in a slow, elegant, ethereal lindy hop. Which is not really what lindy hop is known for, but I enjoyed it. We just danced, and didn't talk, and at the end I said thank you, and we parted.

Then I was waiting to be asked to dance for my last dance, and someone I knew from Lindy 3 came up to me and asked me to dance. We've always been rather antagonistic dancers, but this time around.. I've no idea why, I had the best lindy hop dance of my life so far. The band was playing this lively jazz number, and they were probably improvising. And him and I, we threw away complicated lindy patterns and just danced, and moved and stopped according to the music. It was exhilarating, the kind of dance that dancers live for. When mistakes were made, I just laughed it off, and we eventually found the magic again.

Dancing gives me a high that I still haven't really gotten from my other hobbies. Maybe it's a matter of time.. or maybe it's a juxtaposition of fun, talent, physical activity, music and rhythm that just makes it so special.
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