ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

oooOoo I'm lowwww again. feed me some congee.

it probably doesn't help that i barely eat.

so my mind (not noticing that body is sick) as it approaches mealtime starts to pleasantly fantasize about what to eat. yesterday for lunch it was like .. yes, thai food at thai kitchen. yum yum.
andy picked me up, took us there. and we both ended up picking at our food. i remember ordering the same dish before and finishing it.

then dinner yesterday, i really really wanted porridge. dudes. that what we asians feed each other when we're sick. porridge (also known as congee) sometimes with delicious thousand year egg and fried roll thingies and yum pork stuff.
when i was sick i also got fed black chicken. it's chicken with black skin. i see it at MT but it's really expensive and i'm not sure how to prepare it.

anyways. so i called dinho and stuff, and they either didn't have congee or only serve it at weekends.

so i ended up cooking chicken and garlic. but i put three giant cloves in my desire for healthliness, which resulted in me hating the dish. i think it was because the garlic was still young. and organic.
so i ordered chinese food from sun hing. of course by the time it arrived i had no desire for it.

and to top it off when i tried to sleep i got neauseus and threw up.

then today for lunch i kept hovering around the cafeteria but couldn't decide what to eat. ended up with a yogurt.
my lead engineer gave me an onion ring probably because he didn't want his valued team member to die on him before the project is complete.

i tried eating some leftovers in the fridge, but the food scratched my throat and makes me cough. and i'm hungry and sad.

what i really want is chicken porridge.  
Tags: body, dining
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