ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

happy chinese new years!

yesterday andy and i went to din ho to celebrate with the cornell club. 10 course meal including peking duck. i was way too full..

i haven't been updating LJ much, because i haven't been doing much. can you believe it, i still don't have a voice! still hoarse and talking in whispers, with occasional coughing fits. the dr i went to said "bronchitis", and said my voice could be hoarse all week. GAH! i've been overloading with vitamins, but this bug seems determined to run its course.

so i've been mostly been a homebody, and chilling with andy, watching entourage and big love. playing halo.

speaking of halo, i finally made "major" rank. which is a big deal for me.. since it was quite hard. i'm also noticing a lot of psychology in play.. when i play sometimes i do negative self-talk like.. "how could you miss?" "that was dumb!" so i've tried to change that now, and play more with confidence. made a huge difference.

uchi, my cat, is the most adorable cat in the world. he curls up with me in bed, and is such a big purrer. he's always so pleased to see me come home. i wuv him. 
Tags: andy, body, gaming, uchi
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