ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

silence, theatre and william hall

today i spent most of the day not talking to rest my vocal chords.. i succeeded most of the day until tonight when i played halo, and had to gloat to igor and peter about my rank being higher then theirs.

anyways, i have been far more silent then usual because of the laryngitis, and it's been wierd. i notice people really like to talk. and even if you don't talk, they have a lot to talk about. your opinion really isn't that valuable :)

and my musical theatre class.. i skipped last friday so felt i really should go today. and i did. i mouthed the words, which made me sad because i really wanted to sing. but singing is out of the question.

then we learned some Fosse piece, which was fast and hard and fun. it was a ragtime, no singing, just dancing.. which involved cartwheels and splits. the last time i did a full cartwheel..i was like.. pre-puberty or somethiing.

afterwards, i went for dinner at Fonda San Miguel's, joining Andy, William Hall, Topping Haggerty, David Lampe and Shana Merlin. i had printed out a note for william, explaining my lack of voice... and andy started laughing... apparently, william hall (who has flown from SF, and is teaching a whole bunch of workshops this weekend) has lost his voice as well.

so here we were, in a table with 2 silent people. it wasn't a problem though, since we're all improvisors.. it was actually kinda fun and unique.

sleep sleep.
Tags: andy, body, dancing, dining, gaming, improv, musical theatre
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