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improv: what inspires me

disclaimer: different people like different things.

so i've been having major burnout from improv recently. which i think is pretty normal for me, since i usually flitter from hobby to hobby. i jump into a new passion with everything i got, and then get tired of it, and move on to something else.  however, the one exception has been dance. which is something that i usually end up missing a lot, and coming back to.

however, two recent improv teachers that have visited austin has really inspired me a lot.
Jill Bernard, and William Hall.

I think for me, they represented 2 distinct parts of improv that is the most important to me.

Jill Bernard: Improv should be FUN.
she reminded me that i should do whatever i feel like doing on stage. and it's right.
i should have fun... that it's all about being playful. not abiding by some genre or format or rules.
She had so much fun, and was so generous and playful.... it was very inspiring.

William Hall: the Keith Johnstone principals.
I took William's Mask workshops and Life Game workshop this weekend. None of which had anything to do about being funny on stage.
In fact, it was crazy, psychotic stuff. About reaching into the subconscious, trance states.. and in the Life Game workshop.. it was about digging into a person's life... watching the deeper and darker moments... and it's freaking amazing.

that's what is amazing to me about improv... watching people on the edge. doing things that they would never do in real life.

oh, i enjoy witty verbal improv too. i enjoy it the same way i enjoy watching light comedy movies or eating chocolate. but usually i forget about it the next day. and too much witty improv about body parts, and i just can't seem to laugh anymore. or be surprised.

i think in the end.. the reason why i love improv is because i get to see people being psychotic. that i get to be psychotic.
that audience members get out of their comfort zones. and i get to see something different from the mundane.

I think in this case, the improv may not be as fun.. but it is mind-blowing.

and that's what inspires me.
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