ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

friendship and weddings!

goodness. i just got asked to be a bridesmaid :) how exciting! and i'm sure the wedding is going to be unconventionally interesting :)

so there's 3 weddings i've to go to this year so far... and two of them are from my college's dinnercrew crowd.. and the third also involves a cornellian. i guess 2008 is a good year for cornellians :)

one of the wedding occurs in the weekend of my musical theatre show, the show date hasn't been finalized yet, but hopefully it won't conflict.

in march i will fly to NYC to watch broadway shows with my best friend from ithaca.

in april i i will fly to Ithaca to attend the wedding of gilbert and kate at the Cornell chapel. andy is being dragged to this.. :-) hopefully there'll magically be space for him to attend the reception. it's his first time in ithaca.

in may, my improv friends have a wedding that looks pretty friendly and sweet.

in july, i get to be a bridesmaid.

it just occured to me that i have lots of friends.

Tags: friends, happy
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