ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

quiet valentine's day

andy has improv shows during valentine's day.. and having done that before, i opted to stay home and have a nice quiet day.

when i got home, i found roses on the dining table, and a note saying that there were two dozen roses hidden around the house, and i'll get a prize if i find them all (not sex). i didn't find all of them, but was tickled to discover them in the freezer, and refridgerator. including one in the toilet bowl that i didn't realize until i peed on it. after which, i picked out the rose and washed it. *grin*

some of them were hidden with other fake flowers and so it had to be pointed out to me. but i didn't try very hard to find em all.

after his shows, andy showed up, and was miffed that i didn't try hard enough, but he did gave me the prize anyways, which was a really sweet collection of comics from alan moore, hardcover. it was definitely more then i expected.. he's so good.

then, my voice.. which hurted if i talk for more then a few minutes is feeling better, so i was just talking and talking (lots of stuff to say after all the silence), and he listened, which was probably the best gift :-)

tonight we're supposed to go to brazilian food for valentine's dinner.

i love this dude. i probably under-appreciate him sometimes.. (though, i think it goes both ways ;-))
Tags: andy, love
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