ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Dance calms me

Fri: Watched "The Devil wears Prada" which I enjoyed. Meryl Streep does a wonderful high status woman in the fashion industry.
Snooty fashion man: "2 is the new 4, and 0 is the new 2"
Girl: "But I'm a size 6!"
Snooty fashion man: "14 is the new 6!"

Later that night, I went to Trudy's and hunged out with the UT CS grad students, along with Christina. It was a lot of fun, we used to regularly hang out last summer, but when the semester came along, they were hard to get to. A lot of things are the same, a few are different.

Helped Jason move. Then I went home, moped and naped. And then off to the Sentimental Journey Orchestra dance with the Austin Ballroom Dancers. I had a hard time finding dancers in the beginning, but I wasn't feeling aggressive tonight, and let the guys mostly find me. One guy who asked me was really good, and we did some version of quick-quick-slow dance, but I hadn't done that in a while. And afterwards felt really apologetic, I felt like saying: "I'm sorry I am such a disappointment as a partner." But anyways, it picked up, and I had two partners repeatedly asking me to dance, one even told me I would make his dreams come true if I go to Jovitas to see Seth Walker play. Apparently lots of swing dancers go too.. I might. Now if only I can remember his name, I am so embarassed. He kept saying my name and I think it was really obvious that I avoided saying his name. I wish I could find a good partner to take ballroom private lessons with.
Tags: dance
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