ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

ballet, lazy downward dog

ballet class today made me happy. it's the elementary ballet, so all the other students are nice to me -- actually, for some odd reason, pretty much most of my fellow students have been nice to me, even the really good ones compared to me.

i've invented a lazy woman version of the downward dog!!
the real down ward dog of yoga fame tires my arms out. and i generally stop mainly because my arms are tired. but today as  i was doing my stretches at home, i notice that if you use a bed.. such that you bend over at the foot of the bed and then lift your arms up, and down so that your arms and your head are on the bed... this allows you to benefit from stretching your hamstring and your glutes.. without tiring your upper body!!!
so my hamstrings got some good stretching.

i've been having heel posterior pain.. it only tends to hurt when i stretch my foot and involve my hamstring.. my cavles and foot by themselves don't cos the pain. so i think it's because my hamstring is really tight.

and i know my hamstring is tight because my back is tight. and so is my shoulders.. and neck. and sometimes all this cause other tightness.
Tags: ballet, exercise
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