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musical theatre

i'm getting bored of some of the dances.. i guess it's a good sign in some ways.. it means i know it enough.
we learnt a new dance today: the fisch sclapping song from monty python.

"finland finland finland... the country where i want to be..
  pony trekking -- or camping, or just watching TV"

afterwards i told danny i wanted to sing a solo. uhm. i'm not sure where this newfound confidence came from.. but they'll prob try me out next friday. he said something about "the color purple". i guess i should research some songs from that. i feel like i should be more afraid about this singing business.

afterwards, i went to bookpeople with my new dance friend, and we geeked out.


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Mar. 1st, 2008 08:47 am (UTC)
Finland is one of my favorite Monty Python songs-- You're so near to Russia,
So far from Japan, Quite a long way from Cairo, Lots of miles from Vietnam!
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