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farmer's market.. a very drunk andy

i set my alarm to wake up early to go to the farmer's market. 10:30 am is early for a saturday, yo.
got ham hocks, my raw goat milk, and a dwarf peach tree perfect for my patio. 
my strawberry plant has already produced 3 ripe strawberries. and it's so awesome to pick a plant from your patio and eat it.

my tomato plant has gotten really big and prob needs a bigger pot. but it's hard to take care of.. tomatoes are vulnerable to a lot of stuff, and i think i've aphids on it :(
anyone want a tomato plant?

went to my first 501 improv narrative class which was fun. funner then i thought it would be. this is a good sign for me and improv.

then we went to andy's coworker dinner party. it was quite a spread, she is a professional caterer.

there was a lot of talking and drinking afterwards.. we had planned to go to maestro and then henri's rock band party but that didn't happen.

andy got the most wasted i've ever seen him... i had less then a glass all night, didn't really liked the wine.... when we got home he puked on the front lawn. all from wine.