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Hrm.. I know there are dancers who read my blog, and improvisors and geeks. I'm wondering if I've garderners..
Anyways, blog what you wanna blog right?

So I stopped by Sledd's Nursery since the Austin Improv Collective meeting was near there, and I was tagging along with Andy. I picked up an African Violet Daisy (annual), sunflowers (annual) and a perrenial with tiny purple flowers, forgot the name already. And I was happily gardening in my tiny patio garden. I love it. I love all the life. Even just walking through Sledd's nursury made me really happy.

So I checked my tomoto plant again, and those tiny bugs.. clustering in the stems. I'm pretty sure they're aphids really made me angry.. and I talked to the gardener at Sledd's and he said it was time to throw the plant. So I did. Along with another one that produced blue flowers that had aphids all over it.. and another plant. Anyways, I got a bit prunning happy.

Then I checked on my strawberries (which has 3 nice ripe ones) and I saw some aphids. GRRRRRRR.

No way I was throwing my strawberry plant which has been giving me such pleasure.

I did some online research and found out you can buy live ladybugs! I called Sledd's and they had em, but warned me that there is a freeze coming up.. so I should wait after the freeze. And then, time for lady bugs!

I also picked some catnip leaves and gave it to uchi, which drove him into a purring, rubbing against me frenzy. he loves that stuff.
Tags: gardening, uchi
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