ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

neighbour potluck

We had "civilized" dinner at Yia's place, with 15 people in attendance. I made my new appetizer recipe: Fresh Mozzarella, on tomotoes (I bought it at Wheatsville co-op and was floored at the $2 per tomato price.. but I've to admit, organic local tomatoes are so delicious!), with a tiny piece of white onion, and sweet basil and pepper.

How delicious you are: Non-meat dish! I even tried putting on proscuitto but it just detracted from the deliciousness.

The other things I loved at the dinner: Oreo cookies! (it's been a while since I had them), Todd's Chocolate mousse pie, and Peter's secret family recipe chicken.

The conversation was delightful as always, with some major cracking up moments. There was some faux racial tension when we found our table segregated between Whites and Asians. That was resolved by people needing food on the other side of the table.

I was still sleep deprived from last night so I went home before the festivities were over.
Tags: dining, friends
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