ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Musical theatre makes me happy

The last two nights I've been socializing, drinking and eating. And it was fun, I'm glad I did it.. but today I felt heavy, slow and sluggish.

I didn't want to exercise either. Gym? No. Walk town lake? No. So.. I dragged myself to dance class.. even though it was Intermediate Ballet, and it was going to be hard. But I remember somewhere in the back of my mind that I love dancing.

After 7 minutes, I was already sweating at the barre. I forgot how intense Intermediate Ballet is.. the level below, I'm yawning a lot, and doing really well. But this class pushes my limits.

After class, feeling tired, I instead went to Jazz class. And it made my Jazz moves much better because I was so warmed up. There was just 2 of us (spring break), so I got lots of personal instruction, and got to learn stuff better. It was nice. I usually hide behind the more advanced students in Jazz.

The teacher, Rocker, is helping me get cheap tickets for Spring Awakening. One more week till my trip to NYC!!!!!
I'm so excited!!

After the 2 dance class, I felt really.. strong. Not exhausted. I could feel my muscles were sore, and maybe even tingling with fatigue, but I felt strong. So powerful.

And I was listening to Curtain's Showpeople in the car, and I was singing out loud, and it made me feel happy:

We’re a special kind of people known as show people
We live in a world of our own
Our days are tied to curtains
They rise and they fall
We’re born every night
At half-hour call

We can’t picture being anything but show people
Civilians find the whole thing quite bizarre
But that hope in our hearts
When the overture starts
Helps us know how lucky we are
Tags: ballet, jazz, musical theatre
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