ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Being a "good" feminist

I feel like my feminist credentials are being doubted.. so in response.

1. I consider myself a feminist, and have no problems saying it.
2. I spent 2 years teaching in Middle Schools. Teaching Math and Science in an after school program with Girl Start.
3. I contributed to a micro credit loan for a woman in Europe. Specifically choosing a woman, not a man.
4. I took a month long intense training with SafePlace on Domestic Abuse, and how to deal with women and men facing those issues. I cried in the training.
5. I donate to human rights orgs, children orgs, developmentally challenged children, and the environment.
6. I am a computer scientist, a lot of times the only woman in meetings.
7. I am one of the few women at work that don't wear makeup to work.
8. I encourage women to be financially independent.

Sometimes I think the main deterrant to women's rights is that the women just can't fucking get along.

Tags: feminism
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