ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening, a coming of age story set in Victorian era-ish Germany-ish. Um. I think it was so-so. Manuel liked it more.
The music, maybe 2 songs at most was good. The male lead was a spitter.. we kept seeing sprays of his spit as he sang.
The costumes were nice.

Show not that great today, but the food was awesome. Finally some great New York food. Lunch was at Nyonya, between Chinatown and Little Italy. Great really great Malaysian food. The roti canai and hainanese chicken rice was especially good. Then they had a black rice dessert which I hadn't had in a whle.

For dinner we went to Haru, at Union Square for sushi. Sheesh, very expensive. But apparently sushi in London is even more expensive and don't taste as good. Manuel's cousin, Carlo payed for the bill despite appeals to split. Asians.

He left for London, while the rest of us talked and ordered dessert. The sushi was great, very tasty. I tried sea urchin again. Note: I do not like sea urchin.

Aside from that, we went to Central Park and walked a lot. My body is tired. One more day and then home! This was a good length of time for a vacation.
Tags: musical theatre, vacation
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