ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

MOMA, musings on art

Yes, still in NYC. Hopefully I'll be home soon.

Today we went to Nobu, where I've had the most delicious sushi ever. This deserves a saperate foodie post.

Afterwards, we went to the Musuem of Modern Art.

I've decided that I've fully reached the point where I can say I enjoy modern art. Before, I used to think: "I can do that." But now I realize.. yes, you may be able to do that. But you didn't.

Also, the value of art is not proportional to the amount of time put into it. A painting that someone spent 30 days on, is not necessarily better than what someone spent 30 minutes doing. It's not the sweat that makes art special. It's the effect it has on people.. and people react differently to things.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the special Color exhibition MoMA had, and now I'm inspired to do more experimentation with color, and just make stuff I feel like doing.. instead of having a pre-defined expectation of what art should be. Anyone wanna join me for an art night?

I also fell in love with Matisse's work, and discovered that I like Cezanne.

Ok.. off to take the train to the airport.
Tags: art, painting, vacation
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