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So for a few years now, I've been aware of an adult ballet camp that happens in Richmond, VA. I actually saw the studio while visiting grinnellian2001, and I'm really tempted to go this year. One week in August... So tempted...

On another note, I just saw a trailer for a documentary on adult ballet dancers that will be released in April. I think dancing is awesome, and now that I've seen the old, short, squat dancers in Broadway, it's like, just do what you like. Maybe you'll end up on Broadway, but at the very least, you will enjoy yourself and have fun.

My Musical Theatre class today was 2.5 hours long. I was late though, since I hung out with co-workers to have Happy Hour at pluckers. Danny and Rocker seems stressed out... the show is in May.. which is really close. It looks like I have a character in Spam-a-lot. As well as dancing in the chorus. Today, they casted for  Hairspray's "You can't stop the beat." which they had created 6 mini-solos for.. and Danny asked a few of us, including me to stay. I felt my face go really warm. It's so odd still for me.. to be judged while I sing. Really. Really. Odd.

The people are nice though, it's clear when I can't hit ranges, they know I've a low voice. I tried one piece, but got supplanted by a better singer. But after some glances, and juggling of solos, I ended with one that had the same exact melody like the first piece I tried. I think the difference was.. I sang it better. After the last try, one of the listeners said: "Good job." And everyone else looked satisfied. And we were casted.


Seriously, I'm 28 years old. What am I doing having singing auditions for the first time???

Arrrgh. Whatever. It's life. Live it.
Tags: dance, musical theatre
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