ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

my first pointe class

today i had my session with arletta, which was either going to be 30 mins or 1 hour.. and we managed to go through the hour, mainly because we took breaks. i'm glad, since there's no reason to kill myself over this.

no blisters! i did releves, passes, pique poses, bourees. no center work, but i was surprised at how much we did considering it was my first class. she said i had good feet for pointe. yay! also, we're sure my super duper calves helps.

i didn't really feel any significant pain, though it hurt at some moments if I've been on pointe too long. if i paid attention, there probably was more hurt going around, but i was in a high.

afterwards, riding that high i drove towards ballet austin to take the night elementary class, but when i got to 5th street, i came to my senses, and drove away.

just as well, i'm slowly feeling the aches now.

Mmmm. I kissed my pointe shoe today.
Tags: ballet, dance, happy
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