ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

a joy meme (whatever they are) from antoniseb

Name 10 things that bring you a moment of joy, and tag 4 friends to do the same.

First of all. What are these "memes" and why do everyone keep posting one?
1. Last weekend, sitting and watching the lake and the morning sun, with the trees and the breeze and the nice chilly weather.
2. Getting my iris last weekend, with the lovely promisory scroll from antoniseb.
3. Seeing my cat curled up, sleeping, at peace on my bed.
4. That thistle at Pennsic with my very own court was very nice too.
5. The morning after, watching the form or face of your lover as he sleeps.
6. When it's somewhat chilly, and you crawl into your covers and feel all snuggly and comfy.
7. At night, the sight of a snow covered field, with snow on pine trees in the dark.. with the shadowy glow of the snow.
8. In a ballroom dance, like lindy hop, when you have a very good lead, and you can just let yourself get into the zen of dancing in perfect response to his body.
9. Despite all my liberalness... sometimes, I get moments of joy from remembering God, my Father.
10. When my code works right the first time. (Or at least the first few times)
11. Really good sushi. Really good chocolate. Really good port. etc.
12. Good, excellent, intellectual conversation.
13. Running in the morning.
14. Realizing I have friends who love and care for me like a family. Or better.

tag: anyone who wants to do this.
Tags: happy, meme
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