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easily pleased

today pboyd04 sold me his old 32 inch HD TV, and after getting everything together, including moving furniture around, it's all set up! :)
I haven't had TV in a long time, so this is nice!

I was happy because I had episodes of Dr Who on DVD, am in the middle of a series of Fantasy books that I actually liked, by Elizabeth Hayden, and made myself dinner, which consisted of Korean bacon, twice cooked rice, and chili peppers, onions, mushrooms and egg.

Then I had a Sunshine wheat beer with a slice of orange.

Life is good. And I'm easily pleased!

So this is 3 days in a row I haven't gone dancing, the nice thing about being a non-professional dancer is you can take breaks when you want to! Starting tomorrow, I will be in the Ballet Austin building for a long time. No I haven't perfected all my moves, but I'm okay with that. One advantage of being in the chorus.

Tags: ballet, books, dining, friends, tv
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