ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


I finished my show! I'm happy and sad at the same time :)
Andy was there, and Miriam and Walter too.. (uninvited since I didn't invite anyone but Andy.. but I'm glad they showed up actually :)) (Oh, and no, I'm fine with other people not showing up since it would've made me even more nervous!)

It was a different feeling performing today since I knew Andy was in the crowd.. so each time I messed up a step I would crack up in a smile. Andy didn't notice my mistakes much, but Miriam did (darn dancers).

Andy got me flowers.. Heeehee.

Oh. And I was checking email on my iphone in the dressing room and completely missed a piece (the song of purple summer) so I ran to the wings and just sang from there.

I'm glad I can eat again.
Tags: andy, friends, musical theatre
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