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Yesterday was hanging out with my CS friends and Andy at Conan's pizza and then Amy's Ice-cream. Oh, and I got a 2 hour massage (!!) from Erik, who was being really generous. (I paid just for an hour). He is a really good massage therapist, if anyone needs a referral, let me know. It left me feeling like butter. I haven't seen him for a while, and he was surprised at how much my body has changed. He called me an "athlete", which was what Pierre called me too (he massaged me recently as a gift from Andy). Pierre was also really surprised at my muscles. Ninja Ballet dancer!

Today I signed up for UT Informal classes, since I've been researching singing classes, and then remembered how much cheaper UT informal classes were. So I signed for short sessions of:
- Ear Training and Sight Singing
- Musical Theatre duets 
- Individual voice lessons

They start sometime in June, so I get a chance to practice a little bit more :)

The Ballet Austin summer schedule is up, and they introduced a new class "Theatre dance", taught by Danny and Rocker of course. I'm pretty excited about that, it should teach me to learn choreography faster. But it conflicts with Arletta's intermediate ballet class :/ which I love. 

Pointe lesson today. 
Tags: ballet, dance, friends, musical theatre, singing
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