ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

lazy weekend and LJ friend trimming

I love doing nothing.

In this case, it involved watching TV.. I caught up on a lot of Dr Who, and am current on Battlestar Galactica. Dr Who is sooo much better!!! I will happily carry David Tennent's baby.

Also, played Grand Theft Auto 4 in the Swelter Shelter, and it was oddly fun.

Igor, Yia, Dan and I went to Shanghai Garden for Dim Sum and it was extremely delicious! Yum yum.

I've found that I'm having a hard time reading my friend's LJ posts since I'm following so many blogs now..  I've always skimmed, but I don't want to skim because of information overload.. I may  miss some good gossipy stuff! 

So I may remove some of the folks from my friend list for several reasons, including... not active, doesn't really seem to be reading my stuff anyways.

Obviously, feel free to remove me if you find I post too little of whatever it was that caused you to friend me in the first place.
Tags: blog, dining, friends, gaming, tv
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