ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

The Storm!

So last wed night, I went to Andy's house. And then a storm started.. and then there was a blackout! but I managed to go to bed.. then as I drove back to my house in the morning, there were leaves and tree limbs on the road.. and I noticed that my strawberry plant looked like someone had punched it repeatedly. Some of my peaches fell :( This makes me sad as it takes a long time to grow a peach and I still haven't had any from that tree.
My hydrangea was messed up.

But other units were worse off, units with skylights had it broken, and the west facing windows, 6 out of 8 were broken. Not only their windows were broken, but so were the blinds. Broken glass everywhere.

People's cars have tiny little dents. Apparently the hail was bigger then a golf-ball, almost baseball size in my neighborhood. I was lucky that my car was at Andy's. 

Utility poles and trees were on the ground. It's amazing how strong nature is. 
Tags: andy, house
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