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Jill Bolte Taylor -- Stroke of Insight (Nonfiction) * * *

I read about her in the NY Times a few days ago, and immediately ordered the book. She's a brain scientist, and one day, she experienced a stroke. She realized after one of her arms became paralyzed that she was having a stroke... her next thought was: "This is so cool!"
The book talked about her experience, and her recovery which took years. She now teaches and give talks for the Brain Bank, asking donations to the Harvard Brain Bank. Apparently brain donations is separate from normal organ donations, and they need control brains.

Her left hemisphere was damaged during the stroke, and apparently it silenced the normal brain chatter that usually went on. And she felt a sense of euphoria, and was unable to discern the boundaries of her physical body, and had no sense of past or present. Everything was in the moment.

It's interesting. A mix of medical and spiritual topics. Her talk is on Youtube. 
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