ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Ok, I give up! I'll eat breakfast.

So I generally don't eat breakfast, instead going for an early lunch around 11:40ish. However, a study shows that for long-term weight loss, only 4% managed to keep their weight off without eating breakfast.

The Sumo wrestler diet: Skip breakfast, exercise intensely.. come back and eat ravenously, nap. And eat dinner. Sleep. This is how they bulk up.

I'll probably just nibble on cheese or smoke salmon. Or take those dannon yogurt drinks. That should be enough.


I also noticed I haven't been posting a lot. Not sure why. 
Work is busy. I saw 3 movies.

Kungfu Panda (which was really really good. Almost The Incredibles good. Very funny and better then I expected. Even Andy liked it)

Prince Caspian (this was nice too, different.) 

Legally Blonde: Very good.

Monday: Oops. I just realized my UT voice lessons started on Monday and I forgot all about it. 
I took my car and got the starter contacts fixed. Then Andy and I caught up on Battlestar Galactica, and I zoned out on So You think You Can Dance.

Tuesday: Top-shelf Trudy's with the CS crowd. Then Andy and I saw Legally Blonde.. which I've seen already but still enjoyed tremondeously.

Wed: Art night! I made a new painting.. must post pic. Andy was supposed to join us but he arrived too late. Then we watched a bit of SYTYCD

Thursday: I finished the Gelsey Kirkland's book. Then hung out at Bookpeople with Andy.. and then we saw Prince Caspain.
Tags: andy, day of, diet, movies
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